Vision of Despair is a mystery adventure full of sarcasm and references.
Please keep in mind that I got a very strange sence of humor.

You are back at your parents old house when things are getting weird.

About the game
I tried to make the world of Vision of Despair believable.
So I kept the rooms small and only used music when necessary.
You can interact with almost everything in some way.
I also disabled the ingame menu.
You can leave the game through the house door.
To save the game you'll need to find a typewriter.

There is no inventory as well.
The fact you can interact with almost everything may confuse you.
There might be some items who are useless.
But I think this is more realistic than just one interaction per room
and shiny sparkling items.
The game is mostly silent,
cause there is mostly no background music in real life as well.^^

The plot may look a bit confusing.
I intentionally didn't clear it up completely,
so you can make your own thoughts about what happend.

Please note
I'm not a native speaker and this is my first published project.

Hope you enjoy it.^_^

Some Pictures...